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The Christian View on Homosexuality

The very model of Jesus dying for people who were opposing Him, means all Christians are duty bound to love and serve their neighbors, regardless of their beliefs.



What is the Christian View on Homosexuality?

Three things that Christians say that I think have to do with homosexualty. First of all, the Good Samaritan parable, and the very model of Jesus dying for people who were oppossing Him. It means that All Christians are duty bound to love and serve their neighbors. Regardless of their beliefs, regardless of whether they’re people of other faiths, people with different views of sexuality.

We are suppose to make this city a great place for everybody to live in regardless of their beliefs. That’s important. We have to love people regardless of where they are on that spectrum of belief.

Secondly, the gospel of Christianity, which is that you’re saved not by good doctrine, or by your good works, but by sheer unmerited grace.It pulls out the self righteousness and the superiority that tends to go along with religious belief. Which has actually made a lot of gay people suffer. A lot of gay people have suffered under that kind of attitude, and I think the gospel takes that away from us. And that is good for gay people.

Thirdly, when the Bible tells us something about how we should live, like sex, money, power; it always does it like this, it says
God created us and therefore God in His word in the bible is giving you directions for how you should live in accord with your own design. It’s not busy work. It’s like when the owners manual comes to a car it says change the oil every so many thousand miles. It’s not busy work it’s saying that’s how the car was designed. If you violate that you’re actually hurting the car. So the Bible does say sex is for a man and a woman inside marriage to nurture love and committment in a long term permanent relationship of marriage. Which means polygamy, it means sex outside of marriage, and it means homosexuality are considered violations of God’s will, but also violations of our own design. So the Bible is actually saying you’re missing out if you do those things. So the Christian view of homosexuality is you’re going against you’re own design and you’re actually missing out on God’s best for you.

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