Fighting for the faith

Lies, Lies, Lies – MSM Code of Conduct

Proof positive that the mainstream media lies to us


What is going on in the world today is nothing less than a spiritual battle –  good vs. evil; satan vs. God. No matter who you think is running the show, they couldn’t get away with it without  mainstream and social media cooperation. The masses must not be told the truth.

In case you have any doubt, here is a video from ABC News 9 out of Australia. The guy reporting is talking about COVID statistics, 141 in the hospital, of which 43 are in intensive care. Of the 43, all but one are vaccinated. The one considered not vaccinated has only had one dose. Listen carefully, that’s what he says.

The same ABC News, on the same day, reporting about this news conference online says this:

Of the 43 people in intensive care, 42 have NOT been vaccinated.

Original You Tube video (if they haven’t taken it down) can be found here:

Link to the ABC News online article

If people were told the truth, whoever they are couldn’t get away with destroying America. I wish people would quit getting their news from main stream and social media. Come on people! Think for yourself!!

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